SPACE QUILTS 2007-2011 > Ambush in Quadrant 4 on the Far Side of the Pleiades

hand made and machine quilted

Made with fabric from three colonies and one space station and thread from a trading market on a far moon and a nice old lady.

This quilt depicts the ambush of Space Station Q4.M45.2163, commonly referred to as the Pleiades Station) by Vend'e attack ships. The station is guarded by a very small sentry and when attacked, nearby Sasu Sas ships came to their aide. This event started the battle between the area's native peoples, the Sasu Sas, and the invading Vend'e, a neighboring warrior species vying for more control in the area. Though the ambush happened nearly 75 ISSY's (intergalactic standardized space years) ago, hostilities persist between the two races.