Hand and machine quilted and hand embroidered.

Made from clothing I gathered from 4 different colonies and thread from a witch on it’s farthest moon.

This quilt depicts the attack on the energy collectors surrounding V838 in the 3rd quadrant occupied by the Reni. At the changing of the Reni Imperial Guard protecting the energy collectors, the structure was attacked by the Reni Space Force. Tensions had been brewing between the two castes for over 50 ISSYs (intergalactic standardized space years). The energy collectors suffered minor damage, but the rebuke from the Imperialists led to the sanctioning of the Space Force for 30 ISSYs. Because of this, the rebellion brewing within the Force reached a boiling point. This was the pivotal moment which led to the civil war among the Reni that lasted for a savage 4 ISSYs.

Attack on the V838 Energy Collectors V2
Attack on the V838 Energy Collectors V2
90" x 66"