Handmade, Hand and Machine Quilted, and Hand Embroidered

Made from scraps of fabric traded at the farm colonies on Guman, curtains stolen from the headmasters abandoned library, and thread from a Gumani tapestry.

This depicts the first man made wormhole ever constructed. The bare bones of a docking station were constructed following the designs of docking stations surrounding naturally occurring wormholes in ISSY 361 (intergalactic standardized space years), and the wormhole gate was officially completed and opened in ISSY 364. The first 3 years were a bit tricky getting the adjustments just right and many travelers died. Since then, the gate has been running without incident, although many travelers refuse to use the artificial wormhole citing a curse and unexplained phenomenon within the docks.

The Wormhole Docking Station of Sector 6
The Wormhole Docking Station of Sector 6
86" x 77"